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Today’s business world is Decisively Digital. Across the business landscape, the leaders rising to the top are the ones who can think big-picture about data, AI, analytics, and beyond. How do we build new capabilities around digital, so we can push into the future with full steam? That’s the question at the heart of the twenty-four incisive interviews inside this unique collection of up-to-the-minute expertise from the people who are moving
business forward.


With this book, your mentors are the very digital masterminds behind some of today’s top global organizations. Discover how tech giants are reinventing the world of work, how the financial sector is streamlining with data analytics, and what the latest AI research means for the businesses of today and tomorrow.


Discover the inspiration you need to evolve your business for the digital age and learn to:

  • Establish a digital culture that empowers people to work smarter
  • Implement data democracy and analytics to discover new capabilities
  • Generate tangible business results using new tech tools
  • Realize efficiencies with artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things
  • Apply real-world examples as you build your own future-proof digital strategy

Part I: Introduction to Digital Strategy

provides a framework to identify requirements and define a strategy tailored to your individual organization.

Part II: Digital Culture and Modern Work

how does technology change the way we work and communicate, how does this change interfere with culture and strategy.

Part III: Data Democracy and Analytics

how can every person achieve more by being enabled to access, understand, and communicate data.

Part IV: Big Data Processing and Cloud Computing

how do we retrieve, store and process vast amount of data.

Part V: Artificial Intelligence

how do "intelligent agents" take actions that maximize the chance of successfully achieving our business goals.

Part VI: Process Automation, Blockchain and IoT

how does direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems is resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits, and reduced human exertions.

About the Author

Alexander Loth is a digital strategist with a background in computational nuclear research, executive advisor at Microsoft, and co-founder of the fintech advisory Futura Analytics. For more than 12 years, he has advised leading companies undergoing digital transformation. Alexander has an MBA from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Alexander Loth is also the best-selling author of Visual Analytics with Tableau.

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Alexander […] has brought together some of the brightest voices and smartest thought leaders from leading organisations across many industries, to bring you unmissable insights and real-world examples to showcase how technology can improve your businesses and drive business results today and tomorrow.

Bernard Marr

Alexander has written a must-read primer for anyone considering craft a digital strategy. He interviewed top-notch experts to cover the most important tech for the next 30 years … Read this book – and learn from the best!


Decisively Digital is decisively executive. Great experts, great interviews, and great insights combine to a crisp, cohesive and powerful story. It would be quite a mistake for any (aspiring) leader not to dive into this book, so I will definitely put it on the list of mandatory readings for my future students!

Markus Maedler - Frankfurt School

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